Pueblo County Local Emergency Planning Committee

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Pueblo County Local Emergency Planning Committee - LEPC - Informed Citizen = Safe Community


The LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee) is a program implemented by the CEPC (Colorado Emergency Planning Commission) and federally by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). It is designed to emphasize local awareness and planning to ensure that all businesses and organizations that store hazardous materials have emergency plans to assist emergency responders in safely handling material spills on their property.

LEPC activities include emergency response planning, training, education and outreach, program administration, and local initiatives. LEPC membership is diverse and includes elected officials, emergency responders, community groups, and those subject to federal hazardous material reporting regulations.


Under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA), facilities that deal with hazardous materials that meet or exceed certain threshold amounts are required by federal law to submit documentation of said materials annually. This documentation must now be submitted electronically through the submission program “TIER II submit.” This program is free and available online.

To obtain Colorado's Tier II submission program and reporting requirements or procedures, please click on this link. click here.

For further information on submitting material documentation and learning if you have hazardous materials that exceed the threshold amount required by law to report, call 719-583-6203 or click here.

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The EPCRA federal regulation was designed to give the public access to their community's chemical storage information. With this knowledge, each community is well informed of what hazardous materials may surround them, better preparing them in case of an emergency.

The law requires businesses and industries to provide information on any hazardous materials that they posses including information on potential risks and effects of the materials on public health, safety, and the environment.

In Pueblo County, maintaining EPCRA is the responsibility of the Pueblo County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and the local fire departments.

Copies of facility reports, MSDS sheets, and response plans for extremely hazardous substances are on file and citizens who wish to review this information should contact Pueblo County OEM @ 719-583-6203 or contact their local fire department.


If a hazardous materials release occurs, knowing what to do is key. When a hazmat emergency requires citizens to act to protect themselves, either through evacuation or immediate sheltering, local authorities will notify the public through news outlets, on-scene announcements, emergency telephone notification, and possibly door-to-door contact. It is critical to your safety that you follow the emergency instructions that you are given.

If you see an accident or incident that may involve hazardous materials, notify your local emergency authorities, dial 911. DO NOT approach an area where potentially hazardous materials may be present. Let authorities and trained emergency personnel handle the situation. Hazardous materials spills should be reported to the proper authorities for safe and complete clean-up and disposal.


   The LEPC encourages an active community to increase awareness of hazardous materials and emergency planning, and it should not be viewed as a regulatory commission but rather a partner in safety and preparedness with all local businesses, industries, and most of all, the community. The LEPC is here to help and welcomes any questions, comments, or concerns about local emergency planning and preparation.

All LEPC meetings are open to the public and everyone is invited to attend these meetings. The LEPC meets at 10:00 am on the third Wednesday of every other month beginning in February of each year. If you are interested in attending these meetings, or for further information or assistance, please contact the LEPC through the Pueblo County Office of Emergency Management at 719-583- 6203 or send correspondence to:

               Pueblo County LEPC

                c/o Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office

               101 West 10th Street

               Pueblo, CO 81003


  In addition, please submit Tier II info electronically through the tier II submit program to: