Inmate Mail

Effective April 20, 2022

All U.S. Mail sent to a person incarcerated in the Pueblo County Detention Center will now be transferred to a digital format.  This includes all letters, photos, and drawings contained within the envelope sent in.  This does exclude all Legal Mail and parcels arriving from a publisher.

To send a letter to someone in the custody of the detention center, address the envelope in the format shown to the address on the right side of this screen.  All items will be scanned into digital format and sent to the inmate electronically.  

NOTE: The original letters, photos, and drawings will be destroyed after scanning 

The booking number can be located on this website in the Inmate Lookup page

You can also send a quick digital message directly to an inmate using the Getting Out Mobile Application found at the following site:

Send inmate mail to:

Pueblo County Jail

Inmate full name - Inmate Booking #

PO Box 247

Phoenix, MD 21131