Emergency Services Division

Mobile Command Vehicle imageEmergency Services Mission

To provide all-hazards emergency management services to the citizens and guests of Pueblo County. These services include coordinated mitigation, professional communications, volunteer coordination, preparedness, response, recovery, and public education that constitute comprehensive all-hazards emergency management.

A Message from Pueblo County Sheriff's Office Emergency Services Bureau Chief

At Emergency Services Bureau we focus on Planning, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery before, during, and after a disaster. We have a small but terrific staff in our Bureau. Anyone who has watched these professionals work under crisis conditions understands how truly valuable they are. The Emergency Operations Center, the Communications Center and the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program, all require strict attention to detail, extensive training, and planning. 

Should any of those components of this Bureau fail when they are called upon, it could certainly result in the loss of life for many of our citizens. The transition to 800 MHz is ours too, it is a heady task and has a very tall stack of papers on my desk to prove it. Also a constant focus of mine, are the volunteer teams. There are more volunteers working under this Bureau, than there is staff. That volunteer response is critical to the safety of this community.

Bureau Chief Mark A. Mears