CourierThe Pueblo County Couriers are useful and dependable citizen volunteers that are responsible for providing a daily delivery service between the Pueblo County Sheriff's Offices.

Pueblo County Sheriff's Couriers pride themselves in providing reliable daily, high-quality service. The Team is organized to be self-sustaining; dependent upon its parent organization only for general direction, recruiting and vetting volunteers, an automobile, and just enough gear to fulfill its responsibilities. Training, scheduling, and substitutions are performed by the Couriers, themselves, with minimal impact on Professional Staff's time and resources.


Recently, the Courier Team, along with other volunteers, was conscripted into Emergency Services Bureau. Other Pueblo County Sheriff Office volunteers provide community safety patrols, fight wildfires, climb mountains, and dive into ice-covered lakes while conducting search and rescue operations. Couriers' tasks are not as daunting, or exciting, or potentially heroic. However, it's safe to bet that tomorrow all of the essential mail is delivered to the right offices.

Volunteer Logo

To apply to be a Volunteer Courier, click the link and fill out the volunteer application

Pueblo County Sheriff's Office Volunteer Application - fillable PDF

Email the completed application to the Emergency Services Bureau