Home Contents Inventory

Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk Taylor is encouraging homeowners to be proactive and help the fight against home burglaries. Some home burglaries go unsolved because valuables taken during the burglaries are never recovered because there were no identification or serial numbers of the valuables taken provided by the homeowners.

"With the increase in home burglaries over the past few years, it is important homeowners be proactive in protecting their valuables and property," Sheriff Taylor said. Every day across our country, thieves make off with millions of dollars of merchandise, personal property, cash and other valuable assets.

Identifying Stolen Property

One of the key factors in solving a theft crime is the ability of Law Enforcement to identify the stolen property. The Pueblo County Sheriff's Office often recovers merchandise which is believed to be stolen, but without documented serial numbers provided by owners, Law Enforcement are unable to return the merchandise to their rightful owners.

The Pueblo County Sheriff's Office wants to help homeowners get started in documenting their valuables. Use the Make, Model, Serial Number form (PDF) to record your valuable items, including the distinct features, and the value of the property. Keep the form in a safe location in your home along with your other valuable documents. In the event you should be a victim of a burglary or theft, just provide your completed form to Law Enforcement and let them go to work for you. 

Engraving Your Valuables

Engrave your valuable property with a personalized identifying mark, this will assist you and law enforcement in the identification and recovery of your property and valuables in the unlikely event it is stolen. Not all items are marked with visible serial numbers. Some Items may have serial numbers which are printed on stickers which are easy to remove or tamper with, for this reason, engraving your valuables is imperative.

Photographing Your Valuables

We also recommended that you photograph your valuables as well. We encourage you to take multiple photos of your valuables, showing your engraved identifying mark, and serial numbers. Personal jewelry often has no identification numbers on them other than their uniqueness. Photographing jewelry is one of the single most valuable means of identifying recovered jewelry. These photographs will assist Law Enforcement and significantly increases the likelihood your property will be recovered in the event of a theft.

Please keep in mind that a completed Make, Model, Serial Number form (PDF) of your items is invaluable in a case of complete loss due to fire, flood, etc. With the communities help by recording their valuables, Law Enforcement can drastically improve the rate of return on stolen property, and better prosecute those who illegally possess stolen property or burglarize the homes in our community.